Looie Friends: Nash Looie Friends: Nash

Looie Friends: Nash

By ashley cole

Looie Friends: Nash Looie Friends: Nash


Name: Nash

Location: Lakewood, Dallas

Home-Life: Townhome

Challenge: Potty training and afraid of the stairs!

Looie Solution: 1 large Looie tray & grass pad + 1 small Looie tray & grass pad

Delivery Schedule: Weekly


As a puppy, Nash was afraid of the stairs and his new home had lots of stairs! Not knowing how the stairs worked made potty training difficult. His human got in the habit of carrying him down one, sometimes two, flights of stairs every hour for a potty break but did not see any progress in potty training until Nash got his Looie grass pad!

Looie grass pad with dog using it for potty training in Dallas, Texas

His human started with 1 large grass pad for their patio along with training bells. His dog trainer (Canine’s First) trained him on how to use the bells with dog treats and practice with the humans and, we kid you not, Nash was potty trained within the week! His human added an extra small Looie tray and upped their delivery schedule from bi-weekly to weekly to keep up with the new potty developments.

Dallas dog posing with his potty training grass pad from Looie

We’re happy to hear that not only has Nash not had any accidents since the purchase of his Looie grass pad, but he also knows how to use the stairs now!

Go give him 🙌 on Instagram! @nash_nix


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