Bringing Relief to Dallas, TX

As a family of five, including two human caregivers, we were determined to give our dogs a way to take care of business any time. Through our efforts to end accidents and enjoy more quality time, we discovered an easy green solution right under our noses.

When Nature Calls, Looie Answers.

We turned to nature to perfect a product as old as time, fresh green grass, to allow our pack of three pups to sniff-test our vision for changing the way we handle nature's call. 

Approved by our own family, we're now on a quest with Looie to share our mission with dog families everywhere.

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Ambassador of Affection

Our mission is to support the mutual bond between human and dog with innovations that elevate quality of life for all.

How We Traded Puddles for Cuddles

We knew not just any grass-system would do. Through trial and error and months of experimentation, we landed on “the Looie way.”

Looie is custom-cut locally sourced dog grass contained in our customized tray and delivered right to your doorstep. It’s our ultimate environmentally-friendly choice for pups of all sizes, shapes, ages and conditions. 


Making Life a Wee Bit Better

Imagine arriving home from a long day without worry -- that's how we envisioned feeling about eliminating accidents. Once we realized the benefits of our green approach, we saw our free time grow and began sharing our discovery right here in our own community.

With a fresh pad of grass always ready to go, our dogs love being able to do what's natural — plus, without the mess, becoming good environmental stewards has made it even sweeter to put plastic pee pads in the past. 


Now You Can Enjoy a New Leash on Life Too

Our team proudly serves Dallas dog families through a convenient online subscription service. We're here for you in all seasons, delivering fresh dog grass with a smile. 


- Ashley Cole and Darla Abshier, Co-Founders

Experience Relief.